Nutrition and Endurance Sports Symposium

Are you an endurance athlete, competing in marathons, ultra running, or triathlons? 

If so, you may be interested in the upcoming symposium: "Nutrition in Ultra-Endurance Sports Symposium: The Athletes, The Practitioners & The Future"

Lifecare Ashburton Sports Medicine has two practitioners speaking at this event.

Aidan Rich, APA Sports Physiotherapist, will be presenting on his nutritional experiences as an athlete at the Ironman Triathlon.  Aidan has competed in six, Ironman Triathlon events.

Alan McCubbin, Accredited Practicing Dietitian, will be presenting on multi-stage ultra-endurance nutrition, from a practitioner's perspective.

Registration is free and content will be suitable for athletes without medical background as well as sports medicine practitioners.

Click on this link to download a copy of the program and for registration details